Ryebank Fields ‘Name a tree’ Initiative for International Women’s Day

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For International Women’s Day (08/03/21) we are joining with the Friends of Ryebank Fields to celebrate the achievements of outstanding, talented and exceptional women. Please see their press release which follows. Along the boundary of Ryebank Fields and Longford Park stands a row of 10 tall and impressive female Black Poplar trees. They were planted by Enriqueta Rylands in the …

Good news about the under 8’s play area.

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Trafford Council have informed us that following a tendering process, a contractor has now been appointed to repair the under 8’s play area. Weather permitting, the contractor is due to start on Thursday 11 February. The works to replace the safety surfaces are scheduled to take up to three weeks. It’s anticipated the play area will be able to open …

Friends of Longford Park Newsletter

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We really are so lucky to have such a beautiful park on our doorstep, one that has proved to be an invaluable community space this year. We hope you enjoy reading all about the changes and challenges of 2020 in the Friends of Longford Park newsletter.

Rylands’ Longford legacy could be lost

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The eastern skyline of the Longford Park Conservation Area is dominated by a row of tall, impressive boundary trees which not only mark the perimeter of the Longford estate but also the line of the Parliamentary and local authority boundaries between Manchester and Trafford. There are 10 of these mature trees in total. They stand proud, overshadowing the surrounding foliage, …

Tree Amigos Cancellation

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We are sorry to say Tree Amigos contacted us today to explain that they have decided not to sell Christmas trees in Longford Park this year. The imposition of a second lockdown, with uncertainty about what follows, meant they could not take the business risk of ordering and shipping the trees upfront and not being able to sell them. We …

Closure of under 8’s playground update

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Like many users of the Park, Friends of Longford Park (FOLP) were extremely concerned to hear of the closure of the Under 8s playground and issued a statement to that effect 7th October, see here.  Since then, we have been told that bark is not a temporary option and that as the work involves tendering for a specialist contractor, “They …

Edge Lane roadworks

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Just to let you know that structural works are due to take place following a condition survey of the retaining wall at Longford Park, Edge Lane. [You may recall the tree which had caused the wall to bulge was cut down in March]. Part of the works includes removing a section of the wall, grinding out a tree stump, removing …