Longford Park Education Pack

Welcome to the Longford Park Education Pack!

Here you can find a wide range of lesson plans and activities that your children can enjoy in Longford Park!

Lesson plans are suitable for use with the National Curriculum Key Stages 1 -3.

Preparing for Your Visit
The following information sheets will help you to prepare for your visit to Longford Park.
Sample Risk Assessment
Accessibility Information
Local Facilities
Getting to Longford Park

Lesson Plans
The following lesson plans and related resources have been produced for use in Longford Park and tie into various sections of the National Curriculum.

Activity 1 - Changing Seasons
Children observe the park at different times of the year observing and recording the changes that occur in different seasons.

Activity 2 - Forces in the Play Area
Activities 2 to 8 form a series of activities based in the play area of Longford Park which allow the children to explore a range of physical concepts. These are shorter activities that can be linked together to form a complete lesson or series of lessons.
Activity 3 - Interacting Forces
Activity 4 - Potential and Kinetic Energy
Activity 5 - Friction and Mass
Activity 6 - Air Resistance
Activity 7 - Angular Momentum
Activity 8 - Levers

Activity 9 - Forest Masks
An environmental art activity that allows children to explore their natural environment and use their imagination to create a character.

Activity 10 - Mapping the Park
Children use the two OS maps and their observations to consider how the park has changed and how it may change into the future.
Activity 10 Resource - 1933 OS Map
Activity 10 Resource - 1894 OS Map

Activity 11 - Picture Trail
Children identify areas of the park using the photograph worksheet.
Activity 11 - Map
Activity 11 - Photo Worksheet

Activity 12 - Textures
This activity explores the concept of texture through group discussion.

Activity 13 - Timeline
A quiz activity in which children create a timeline of events that occured at Longford Park.
Activity 13 Resource - Time Cards

There is an orienteering course around Longford Park that consists of marked points that participants must locate with the aid of a map. The course includes both the southern and northern sections of the park but could be limited to, for example, the southern section for a shorter course. Maps can be bought at the Longford Park Cafe (£1.50) or the Greater Manchester Orienteering Association at www.gmoa.org.uk.

This education pack was funded by the National Lottery and has been completed in partnership with The Friends of Longford Park, Groundwork, Trafford Council, MEEN and local schools.