Wildlife Garden

The wildlife garden was originally set up in 2000 to provide an area of natural beauty and relaxation. In 2014, after a few fallow years, when the dogwood was allowed the freedom to roam, and with the help of the TCV and a grant from the Bit Lotter Fund Awards 4 All, we managed to start the re-vitalisation of the garden.

More recently FOLP have established a small group to provide ongoing management of the garden. Ongoing maintenance work includes:

Cleaning debris and weed from the ponds;
Mowing pathways to the wood carvings;
Maintaining the wood carvings and features;
Mowing grass around the picnic tables;
Autumn grass cut and raking;
Litter collection;
Pruning and coppicing of trees;
Grubbing out excess dogwood and blackthorn;
New planting;
Fixing the gaps in the hedges and fences; and
Replacing bird boxes and tackling other aspects of vandalism.

We always need more volunteers. The area isn’t particularly large and owing to the seasonal nature of much of the work help isn’t needed on a weekly basis, so we’re not asking for too much of your time. If you like working outdoors in a pleasant environment and are interested in joining a friendly and welcoming group of enthusiasts please contact,
Rick Webb (FOLP Committee member) via the form below.

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Slide Wildlife Garden - Frogs and Frogspawn 2011

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