A typical session in the Wildlife Garden

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A couple of weeks ago, our volunteer group had another session in the garden, attempting to keep things in order and do some further planting. We’ve put in some borage, teasel and Jacob’s ladder. After such a hot dry summer, the pond had almost dried out completely, so we  were pleased to find that it had some water back in again. We’re keeping an eye on it as we’re not sure if the pond lining might be damaged.

Richard and David preparing the ground for new plants.

Rick clearing the pond.

Jackie planting marjoram.

David cutting pathways through the wild flowers.


Nothing too difficult! We’re not a skilled group of gardeners by any means. We seek advice from experts if we’re not sure about something. So if you’d like to get involved with gardening and have a chat at the same time, contact Rick Webb via [email protected].

We have 6 or so sessions a year and there’s no obligation to come to them all.