The Great Goat Caper: When Fundraising Goes Baaa-d!

MarkGeneral, Pets Corner

Please note that this post has not been fact-checked! At Pets’ Corner in Longford Park where fundraisers are a vital part of this wholly volunteer-run animal sanctuary, one unexpected culprit has left locals scratching their heads and holding their sides in laughter. It all started innocently enough with an event to raise funds at Stretford Mall. But little did anyone …

Orienteering at Longford Park


Embark on an exhilarating journey where nature becomes your playground and the thrill of discovery awaits at every turn. Welcome to the captivating world of orienteering, a remarkable outdoor adventure that combines strategy, navigation, and exploration into an unforgettable experience.

The origins of Ryebank Road

Richard BondThe Longford Post, TLP Featured

In Old Stretford, Bosdin Leech recalls that on Edge Lane, there were very few houses east of Stretford railway station around 1860.  However, this soon began to change and two early examples were the large houses known as Rye Bank and Meadow Bank, which at a later date came to be separated by Rye Bank Road. The rate books suggest …