Tree Planting – Volunteers Needed

Mark Disc Golf, Featured, General

SATURDAY 21ST March – FROM 9:30 AM – Longford Park Disc Golf Area

We’re reaching out to anybody that could help us plant a batch of 400 new tree saplings that has just arrived.

Manchester Disc Golf are asking that if anyone could spare even an hour or two, to drop down to the course to assist. It would be greatly appreciated. Please bring a spade if you have one, wellies, gloves and hand sanitiser (for your own personal protection). They have said that numbers will be limited (in the unlikely event that lots of people show up), but their biggest concern is that they won’t have enough people to get all 400 trees in the ground by Sat.

If you can spare any time during Sat (starting from about 9:30am), please head to the disc golf field and find an organiser. They will be able to give you exact instructions on how to correctly plant each tree sapling. People will be spread out to ensure social distancing is maintained.

The great thing about tree planting is that for years to come, you can go back to visit the saplings that you planted and see how they’re progressing.

Tree saplings have been kindly provided by the Woodland Trust