Ryebank Fields ‘Name a tree’ Initiative for International Women’s Day

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For International Women’s Day (08/03/21) we are joining with the Friends of Ryebank Fields to celebrate the achievements of outstanding, talented and exceptional women. Please see their press release which follows.

Along the boundary of Ryebank Fields and Longford Park stands a row of 10 tall and impressive female Black Poplar trees. They were planted by Enriqueta Rylands in the late 1800s making them around 130 years old. Enriqueta most famously founded the John Rylands Library but her other achievements were and are often overlooked. These trees form part of her legacy, they are well known and well loved but they are at risk due to the imminent development plans for Ryebank Fields.

Inspired by Enriqueta, we are planning to name our wonderful trees after remarkable women, who preferably have a connection to Manchester. We’ve already come up with lots of ideas but we want your input too. Which women inspire you? Who stands out? Who makes (or has made) a difference? Please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Once we’ve collated all the ideas we’ll draw up a shortlist and create a poll so that everyone can vote for their favourite. 

By naming our fabulous female trees we aim to raise both their profile and awareness of the threat they are under to help ensure they stand strong and continue to clean the air for generations to come.