Progress in the Park

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This includes the gradual reopening of the cafe (for takeaways, at weekends) and the reopening of the tennis courts and the bowling greens. There’s no shortage of tennis players but now would be a good time for new bowlers to take an interest.

 While waiting for the next moves with the Lottery Fund bid, we secured a grant of £2,700 from Manchester Airport Community Fund to install an open air table tennis table, on the grassed area outside the entrance to Pets’ Corner. The surface for this is being laid by the contractors who are relaying the surface of the car park beyond the Long Barn. Installation of the table tennis table itself will follow later, as will a new park bench, in a separate location, which will eventually be in use as a ‘chat bench’.

 We are keen to promote the Park as a cycling hub, and, earlier this month, joined Friends of Turn Moss in  sending a joint letter to Trafford Council, calling for improvements to the crossing from the Park to Turn Moss, for pedestrians and cyclists.

Talking of Edge Lane, the Council (rightly) concluded the bulge in the boundary wall was in a dangerous condition. The bulge was being caused by a tree Which has now been removed. The wall will be rebuilt, with two replacement saplings planted nearby.

 Committee member Jackie Sumara has been working on a Tree Trail, highlighting some of the fascinating trees in the Park. Look out for the launch of the Tree Trail – complete with fairy doors and a printed  leaflet – in the near future.

 As explained in a previous post, an initiative to reduce mowing on part of the old fairground site has been launched. Meanwhile, our support of the new bee hive venture in the allotment has been rewarded, with a good quantity of honey being gathered from one hive, though not from the other, where the queen bee had died following the vandalism at the end of last year.

And finally, while the community allotment open day in May had to be cancelled, Mash Westbrook organised a mini bring and buy plant sale from her garden, which raised £150 for Stretford Food Bank.