Edge Lane roadworks

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Just to let you know that structural works are due to take place following a condition survey of the retaining wall at Longford Park, Edge Lane. [You may recall the tree which had caused the wall to bulge was cut down in March].

Part of the works includes removing a section of the wall, grinding out a tree stump, removing tree roots and rebuilding the wall. Works are due to commence on or shortly after Monday 9 November 2020, with an expected duration three weeks, excluding weekends, weather permitting.

To enable works to be carried out, the bus lane and bus stop opposite the works location will be suspended during the works period. The footway running along the wall will also be closed for the duration of the works period. Please be aware that works are subject to weather changes and may affect the duration and date of completion.

You may also not be aware that the Council has this week introduced traffic measures (subject to review) on the Cromwell Road side of the Park. One key change is that the end of Cromwell Road nearest to Edge Lane has been blocked by planters, preventing access by cars. We would always encourage people not to bring a car to the Park, and if they do, to use the car park accessed via Ryebank Road. It will be interesting to see if the temporary changes reduce the number of cars driving into the Park from Cromwell Road, which creates a particular hazard on the sharp corner by the cafe and Pets’ Corner.