Longford Park - Eastern Entrance Area
Longford Park. Ryebank Rd, Stretford, Manchester M21 9TA

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12 Dec 2023 - 06 Mar 2025


9:30 am - 10:30 am

Pramactive – Tuesday


Longford Park Stretford; Tuesday: 9:30am

A fun, functional and effective outdoor exercise class that is just for you … and baby comes too!

Pramactive is for anyone with a baby or child under school age. Mums who are pregnant are also welcome to attend and the class will be adapted for your stage of pregnancy. Pramactive is suitable for the novice or experienced exerciser and can be individually tailored for your fitness needs, ability and energy levels! The classes focus on working the areas of your body which bother you most after you’ve had your baby. We look at improving posture, working the core muscles and making sure you leave feeling energised and with a smile on your face.

It’s more than just about ‘losing the baby weight’, it’s an opportunity for mums to meet other mums and form friendships, to feel positive about doing something that is for you, to hopefully improve your mood on those days when it’s really tough being a new mum and hey if you like squats and lunges that’s a bonus for me!

There is a large free car park and it is just 15 mins walk from the tram stop. The park also has a lovely café and toilets. The class will meet in the car park.

Longford Park Stretford; Tuesday: 9:30am