Progress in Park

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Following reports that a large number of street lights were not working, work is in hand on dealing with this, as shown in the picture, taken 3rd February. An electrical fault has been traced and was being fixed.

Not quite visible in the distance is the under 8’s playground, where work started the same day on preparing the base for new musical beams and removal of the rotten section of the caterpillar. New gates are to be fitted, which will automatically close, and we have also asked for the crumb surfaces to be cleaned.

Various road improvements are also starting, including new pedestrian crossings to be marked on the access road from Cromwell Road. The potholes on this and the entrance from Ryebank Road are to be filled in.

The road works will take a couple of weeks, and then work will start on the Rose Garden area. This includes restoration of the paths and the ornamental walls. Hopefully, flooding will not recur, with the switchgear for the pump now above ground in a metal cabinet – which features a visible and audible alarm to warn if the pump fails.

Finally, work will turn to the change of parking arrangements near the bowlers’ entrance. A kerbed area is to be created, with three disabled spaces, any other car users will need to use the small car park.