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The much loved Pets’ Corner desperately need your help to achieve a grant from Aviva for essential maintenance work. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time
and the link is here:

More detailed information can be found on the registration form:

There are various maintenance jobs that need to be completed with an Aviva grant but the most urgent one is to extend the roof on the rabbit and guinea pig enclosures. The existing roof only covers half the floor space, meaning that in typical Manchester weather both the animals and the volunteers get soaking wet!

At Pets’ Corner, a diverse group of hard working and dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to look after the animals and provide a wonderful area for people to enjoy, especially families with young children.

Many of the elderly / special needs volunteers are unable to help out when it raining heavily because the floor can become dangerously slippy. With a proper roof, which is estimated to cost around £3000, the volunteering experience would be safer and more pleasurable for all concerned. The animals would be much happier too!
Please make the volunteers and animals happy … takes about the same time as it’s taken you to read this appeal.

Many thanks from the Friends and Volunteers of Pets’ Corner.