Longford and Firswood Strollers (LAFS) Health Walks

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Longford and Firswood Strollers Health Walks Spring/Summer 2015.

Join Friends of Longford Park volunteers in a gentle stroll around the main paths in Longford Park Stretford. Enjoy the fresh air, company and beautiful surroundings of Trafford’s largest park.

Here are the dates for Spring/Summer 2015:

Sunday 29th March
Sunday 26th April
Sunday 31st May
Sunday 28th June
Sunday 26th July
Sunday 30th August
Sunday 27th September

Walking can make a difference. It can be fun, a chance to talk and can help keep you fit. Research has shown that walking in green surroundings can promote a drop in blood pressure and reduce feelings of stress. The walks are especially suitable for people who do not take regular exercise and who might feel unable to access their local green space.

Walks commence at 10.30 am at the main entrance gate on Edge Lane (at the Junction with Cromwell Rd.) Walks last about 1 hour and are suitable for all abilities. Everyone can walk at their own pace. Wear suitable flat shoes. Refreshments will be provided at the end of the walk at Trafford Athletics Stadium within the park.

Walks provided in partnership with Trafford Borough Council as part of the British Heart Foundation Walking Your Way To Health Initiative. For further details contact Trafford Community Leisure Trust on 0161 826 3969 or Jean on 0161 865 6030