Closure of under 8s playground

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As soon as Friends of Longford Park became aware the under 8’s
playground was being locked up (on 29th September), we raised our
concerns by contacting One Trafford, as did others. One Trafford then
issued a public statement to say that the playground would remain
closed until the playing surfaces had been replaced, and that this was
not scheduled till the New Year. We then emailed Trafford’s Executive
Member for Parks, Liz Patel, who responded promptly, as follows. “I
will chase up as a priority next week [ie this week] but it’s my
understanding that works to the safety surface are budgeted for this
year, I understand that efforts are now being made to undertake these
as quickly as possible given the impact accessing the entire play
area.” We responded by suggesting that bark could be used to cover up
the playing surfaces, as a temporary measure, to minimise the time

There is also an issue with the swings in both playgrounds. Those in
the older playground were taken out of use in August, needing repair
or replacement, and now the swings in the under 8’s playground need
replacing but there is no money for either in this year’s capital
programme. The Friends are making enquiries about the costs involved,
to see if we can assist.