Back To Work In The Wildlife Garden (WLG)

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After a fallow period for a few years, F.O.L.P. have re-established our support group for the WLG.

Since last summer various jobs have been carried out in our garden

• Cleaning debris and weed from the pond
• Mowing pathways to the wood carvings
• Mowing grass around the picnic tables
• Autumn grass cut and raking
• Litter collection
• Pruning and coppicing of trees
• Grubbing out excess dogwood and blackthorn
• Some new planting

The aims are to better manage the WLG, add to its existing features and establish a sustainable group for looking after the WLG on a long term basis

We want to do more planting eg. shrubs, wild flowers, hedge whips etc. and look after various wood features which need regular maintenance as well as tackling problems such as gaps in the hedges and fences and replacing any bird boxes that have been vandalised.

At present our funds are limited. Grant applications will have to be made and the first has recently been submitted to Growing A Greener Britain. If successful this will allow us to acquire a range of tools and equipment plus shrubs and plants.

So there is lots of work to be carried out in the future.The jobs carried out since last summer have all been done by volunteers,mainly at weekends.

More volunteers are needed either during the week or at weekends. As the area we look after isn’t particularly massive and owing to the seasonal nature of much of the work help isn’t needed on a weekly basis. In other words the time commitment over a year for most people will not be that great.

If you like working outdoors in a pleasant environment and are interested in joining a friendly and welcoming group of enthusiasts please contact,

Rick Webb (FOLP Committee member) via the Friends email [email protected]

Thank you