Event Submission Request

Got an event or activity planned in Longford Park?

Do you want to make a change to an existing listed Event?

Provide us with the details and we'll arrange to have it added to our events listing.

Please note that all requests must be validated by the FOLP committee before it is placed on our system. Events and/or activities must be community based and open to the general public. They must also take place within Longford Park, Firswood Community Centre or Trafford Athletics Stadium.

For new events, we'd appreciate it if you can provide us with accompanied graphics (JPG or PNG optimised for web and under 1Mb). Organiser logo (ideally square 300X300px) and a main event banner (ideally 1200X550px).  If you have already been listed as an organiser then you don't have to re-upload as we can reuse previous graphics/logos.

I'd like to ...