2011 Stretford Carnival and Fun Fair at Longford Park

The 2011 Longford Park Fair commences on Thursday 23rd June and continues until Monday the 27th of June.

Morleys Fun Fair is situated on the Firswood end of Longford Park near the Rye bank road field and will be part of the festivities lined up for the 2011 Stretford Pageant this weekend.

Stretford Carnival and Fair has the following opening times:
Thursday 6pm-9.30pm
Friday 6pm-9.30pm
Saturday 1pm-9.30pm
Sunday 1pm-9.30pm
Monday 6pm-9.30pm

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Stretford Pageant 2010 - Rose Queen Carnival June 26th

Stretford Pageant is an annual Rose Queen Carnival and takes place on the last weekend in June, Saturday the 26th.

At this year’s Stretford Pageant there will be a procession of decorated floats through the streets of Stretford, collecting money for local charities and ending at Longford Park, where the Rose Queen is crowned. Various other entertainments are provided in the park on the day of the Stretford Pageant, such as a fun fair, many stalls and a car boot sale.

If you need more information on Stretford Pageant or can help out then please contact Victoria Mcleod on 0161 748 2300

To take part in the Stretford Pageant parade please report to Stretford High School(Greatstone Road, Stretford) where the parade will assembly from 12pm. Stretford Pageant parade leaves Stretford High School at 1.00pm arriving at Longford Park at approximately 2.15pm. The Stretford Pageant parade travels from Stretford High School to Longford Park via Greatstone road, the Quadrant, Kings road and Edge Lane. The crowning of the Rose queen is approx 3pm.

This year there will be a dog show approx 2.45pm and a band and dance arena. Other attractions include an assault course, quad bikes and clowns.

The gates to the park open at 7am and car boot sale commences then (there is no need to pre-book a place, cost £10 for non charities) . In addition, there are many other stalls, attractions as well as the excellent Morley’s funfair that runs from Thursday the 24th June until Monday the 28th June.

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Exhibition of Stretford Pageants and Rose Queens

As part of the Stretford Lions Summer Fete, Paul Cooper will be presenting an Exhibition on Stretford, Longford Hall, Park Gardens, Stretford Pageant and John Rylands

The Fete will be held at  St.Matthews Hall (Chapel Lane, Stretford, M32 9AJ) on the 16th May between 10am and 3pm.

For more about the exhibition contact Paul on 07939392032. Contact Marion on 0161 865 3060 for more about the Lions Summer Fete.

Stretford Rose Queen Pageant/Carnival 2008

1937 Longford Park and Stretford Pageant
(1 minute 40 seconds, No Sound)

The North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University have permitted the Friends of Longford Park to display a rare film of Longford Park and the Stretford Pageant from 1937.This footage provides a reminder of the rich heritage of Longford Park and the Stretford Pageant.

The Friends of Longford Park will be at this year’s Stretford Pageant. Please come along and say hello!

More about Stretford Pageant:-

The Stretford Pageant takes place this year on the 28th June. This will be the 89th Stretford Pageant and the 99th Rose queen festival (more about Stretford Pageant history). As well as the parade, there will be be a carnival, a fun fair and a giant car boot sale starting at 8am in Longford Park.

The Pageant parade starts from Stretford High School at 1.30pm and arrives at Longford Park around 2.30pm where there will be lots of activities and the crowning of the Pageant’s Rose Queen, Princesses and the Rosebuds. From Stretford High School the parade follows great stone road, the quadrant, kings road, edge lane and then onto Longford Park.

For more information please contact Victoria McLeod, the Chairman of the Stretford Pageant:-
Telephone:- 0161 748 2300

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