June 2008 AGM and Social Night

The Friends of Longford Park AGM will take place on the 26th June at Longfords at Longford Park Stadium on Ryebank road, Chorlton at 7.30pm.

Longfords is an excellent venue, with a fully licensed bar and the night will provide a great opporunity to learn more about the Friends of Longford Park and and get involved!

Jean Byrne, the Secretary for Friends of Longford Park, issued the following statement on the 2nd June 2008:-

” I am writing to inform you of a couple of key dates for your diary in relation to Friends of Longford Park.
The dates are: -
10 June - Stretford Neighbourhood Forum, Trafford Town Hall, 6 – 8 pm (more of this below)
26 June – Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Longford Park 7.30pm.
Longford Park has reached a critical stage in its development and FOLP, with its aim to act as a voice for local people, could and
should be a vital link with Trafford Council about the park’s future.

Our Committee too has reached a critical stage and our future, sadly, is uncertain. This is why we need more members to become actively
involved. A number of resignations over the past 18 months have resulted in a smaller and less experienced committee. In 2007 we
continued to deliver our annual music festival and a programme of events. However, Trafford’s Heritage Lottery Fund bid and work on
various other funding applications (some of them successful) haveabsorbed our resources leaving us less able to offer events in the
Park this year. We need to increase our active membership so that a modest programme of events can start up again.

The Stretford Neighbourhood Forum, mentioned earlier, is to focus on Longford Park and our environment. This provides an opportunity for
you to share your concerns about Longford Park with organisations working in Trafford. Trafford Council will be publicising the event
and arranging for speakers, including environmental organisations, the police and other service providers. Not only can you come and have
your say, you can also renew your interest in FOLP.
So do put that date in your diary and come along!

If FOLP is to continue, we need people to play an active part and we need a Committee. Perhaps you would be prepared to stand for office
(giving as much of your time as you have able). The positions that need to be filled include Treasurer and Secretary.
For an informal chat about what’s involved please phone Angela on 864 1326.

I look forward to seeing you in June at both events.

Yours sincerely
Jean Byrne
Friends of Longford Park”

You can download a nomination form here.