Enriqueta Rylands Blue Plaque

The Rylands form a rich part of the history of Longford Park having constructed and resided in Longford Hall and later passing on the hall and gardens to the people of Stretford.

Enriqueta Rylands was the third wife of Manchester cotton magnate John Rylands and founder of the John Rylands Library.  This year represents the centenary of her death in 1908 and the blue plaque within Longford Park will be updated to reflect more accurately her important contribution.

We are hoping that a descendent of Enriqueta Rylands will be available to commemorate the unveiling of the revised Longford Park Blue Plaque.

To find out more about her extraordinary life visit the brilliantly renovated  John Rylands library that is presenting a special exhibtion entitled ‘Enriqueta Rylands: Who do you think that she was?’ until 19th May 2008.