Notes to accompany the Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan

These notes provide more details on Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan.

1. Area in front of shelters. The landscape architects identified that this area slopes towards the hedge and so have proposed that the stage area be located in this semicircle. This stage will be level but identified by a different surface treatment such as bound gravel. Making this level does mean that the two paths leading to it have to be reprofiled slightly.

The grassed area is planted up with “rays” of bulbs and so should be spectacular in March.
Roses are to be planted around the periphery of the whole to tie the area together and this will be carried out along with shrub removal and management to the beds surrounding the area.

You will note that the tarmac areas directly in front of the shelters and the toilets are reduced to a single path and the remaining areas grassed.

The shelters now face onto the Stage and a separate pot has been negotiated to allow there repair with the stepped parapet replaced where missing. We are looking to grow climbing roses up over the pillars of the shelters.

The Beech hedge will be reduced shaped and a gap installed to make the gardens one, open lines of sight.

2. Walled Garden. The paths in this garden will be bound gravel possibly with a stone edge treatment if finances allow. See planting guide for plants and structure. The walls will be repaired and capped and were the paths meet the external tarmac paths stone sets will be installed.
Although the central plinth will be in place a water feature at this point is likely to be outside the budget and perhaps that or a suitable statue could be funded from future bid.

3. the mushroomed clipped willow and poplar garden. A much more formal design has been drawn up for the wildflowers here that has a art deco feel. These circular strips will be planted up with cornfield annuals which will be rotavated and re seeded annually to maintain a regular annual display. The circles are pierced by the lawns to allow visitors to walk through The beds surround some of the trees which are the centre circles.

4. the Water Garden or Japanese garden. This area is giving us some difficulty due to the budget. Resealing the feature could be costly and so we are trying to find a compromise. What we currently propose is to get upper ponds sealed perhaps in fibreglass and install a pump and circulation system such that the waterfall works. From that point onwards we are proposing to fill the channel with gravel and plant into it to give the impression of flow (like a Zen garden). Finally the bottom pond we are proposing to fill and plant with moss to create a slightly domed bog garden. Generally some of the large shrubs will be removed or reduced and trees lifted to open up this garden with some other plants installed below.
We intend to replace the bridge and some of these paths will be treated with bound gravel.