Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan

A wildflower maze, an art-deco sunburst feature, a small performance area as well as plans for the shelters and Japanese water gardens are all featured in the Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan. For detailed notes to accompany this consultation plan please click here.

Please click on the image below to see the enlarged view of this plan.

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Students from Stretford Grammar School, with help from experts at Trafford Council, have worked on these designs to transform this part of Longford Park. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions regarding these plans for Longford Park’s new Peoples Millions gardens then please leave a reply below.

7 Responses to “Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan”

  1. A Burgess Says::

    It is good to see some new ideas and retoration work going into the gardens. I would love to see some inspirational herbaceous borders packed full with perennial plants rather than the ubiquitous annual planting that you get in so many of our parks which are so uninspiring. I do love the wild flower beds though. Maybe a few more benches/picnic benches could be provided?

  2. Wendy walton Says::

    I do like the idea of a naturalistic garden design but could we not still keep some of the grardens formal as they look so beautiful and would be a shame to lose them completely. The spring bulbs in the art deco sunburt will look stunning in the spring!!! but it would be sad to leave this area without colour through the summer months. How about instead of keeping the hedge with the planting behind it, a long tunnel pagola walk through, of wisteria or some other dramatic climber. How beautiful would that be.
    These are just a few suggestions of my own which I would like to see but Im sure it will look fantastic when it is finished, even more so in years to come when it becomes more established. I for one am really looking forward to our new gardens and would like to thank everyone who has made it possible. Thank you!!!

  3. ann bailes Says::

    It looks good, just a couple of thoughts:
    - I wonder if the hedge thats being lowered shouldn’t just be removed; I’m unsure what the value of retaining it would be.
    - If performances are envisaged for the ’stage area’ then is the space allocated suitable/big enough.
    - I love the spring bulbs planting but then so will the squirrels!

  4. Ernst Says::

    The proposals look fantastic.

    I love the idea of re-introducing the water feature and link through to the art deco garden.

    Well done, cant wait to see it started.

  5. Misha Murtagh Says::

    I have had a look at the plans, and I do agree with some of the proposals but the flower bed (your maze) I think would be a bad idea as the way the flower beds are laid out at the moment look amazing most of the year as you can really appreciate the time and effort put in by the keepers. I think children and yobs will destroy the maze.

    I like the idea of the water feature being restored is good but things will have to be put in to place as young children play around this area, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them, if the pond filled up and a child slips. plus if fencing was to be put up it takes away the beauty of it.

    I think to the stage is really good.
    As for the where the rose garden is know, i think digging it up and putting other things there is ok, however the flower beds behind the stage/hedge could do with being sorted out, but the drainage here is terrible when it rains.

    Many thanks

  6. Liz Cole Says::

    The plan looks great. I especially like the art deco design.

    Pictorial Meadows, based in Sheffield produce some interesting annual wildflower meadow mixes. They might be suitable for the wildflower maze. They are used extensively in urban green spaces in Sheffield and have proved popular with residents

  7. Rylands Says::

    If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions regarding these plans for Longford Park’s new Peoples Millions gardens then please leave a reply below

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