Longford Park Lottery project up and running

The following news release was issued by Trafford Council on the 28th June 2010 :-

Work has begun on an exciting project to bring Longford Park back to life.

Students from Stretford Grammar School, with help from experts at Trafford Council, have started work on designs to transform the park’s rose garden.

This is part of a scheme which won the public vote and £50,000 in the Big Lottery Fund’s People’s Millions competition last year, promising to:

• Transform the deteriorating rose garden into a beautiful garden.
• Use the latest sustainable technology to restore running water to the ornamental rock gardens.
• Provide the opportunity for young people from local schools to be involved in all aspects of transforming the gardens.
• Develop an education pack for local schools.

To kick start the project, all Year 7 arts classes at the school visited the garden site and are now putting pens and brush to paper and using their imaginations to put down their vision of an exciting, attractive garden to visit.

A team of young designers from the school, working with Trafford Council’s landscape architects, will distil these ideas into a final design which should be ready by the end of July.

Executive Councillor John Reilly said: “We’re working closely with the Friends of Longford Park and Stretford Grammar School to bring this project to life over the next few months.

Longford Park is steeped in history. We want to maintain it as an historic site while making sure it is more sustainable to ensure it survives in to the future and continues to be well-loved and well-used.

This project is an important stepping stone to future improvements in Longford Park, as laid out in the Park’s Masterplan, and I’m really excited about seeing it come to fruition.

This is an excellent example of how the community coming together can really help make Trafford a greener Borough.”