The Shippon Complex in 3D

Local company Z+F UK recently used high definition 3D laser scanning to provide detailed information on Longford Park’s Shippon Complex. This information could be used to assist the possible future restoration of the building.

If you go to their web site at and then visit the NetView User Experience and enter the Cultural Heritage section it will load the Shippon data.

Demo of the Shippon Building in 3D

After downloading their LFM Netview software you can highlight the ISO view on the left hand column and you can then zoom into a line drawing of the project.

The blue circles donate a scan position , pick the scan you want , right click into the scan and it will open up in the tab.

The scan is looking at the raw scan data held on their servers. You can then measure, explore, annotate, and box off areas etc in the scans.

For more details on this technology you can email Z+F UK at