Stretford Pageant 2009 - Centenary Rose Queen Carnival

Stretford Pageant is an annual Rose Queen Carnival and takes place this year on the 27th June. The inaugural Stretford Pageant was staged in 1919. The tradition of the Rose Queen Festival derives from an earlier event organised by St Peter’s Church from 1909.

At this year’s Stretford Pageant there will be a procession of decorated floats through the streets of Stretford, collecting money for local charities and ending at Longford Park, where the Rose Queen is crowned. Various other entertainments are provided in the park on the day of the Stretford Pageant, such as a fun fair, many stalls and a car boot sale.

If you need more information on Stretford Pageant or can help out then please contact Victoria Mcleod on 0161 748 2300

To take part in the Stretford Pageant parade please report to Stretford High School(Greatstone Road, Stretford) where the parade will assembly from 11.30am. The theme this year will be Edwardian 1909 with prizes awarded for the best outfits. Judging commences at 12pm.

Stretford Pageant parade leaves Stretford High School at 1.30pm arriving at Longford Park at approximately 2.45pm. The Stretford Pageant parade travels from Stretford High School to Longford Park via Greatstone road, the Quadrant, Kings road and Edge Lane. Collections will be made for local charities so please come along and show your support!.

As well as the Stretford pageant parade and the crowning of the Rose Queen, a car boot sale commences at 8.30am and there are many other stalls, attractions as well as an excellent funfair.

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