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  1. Ricky Vyas Says::

    Following on from SK. I too am disappointed with the disc golf because it has ruined my favourite area of the park.
    Sincerely RV
    P.S disc golf is for goblin skirmishers

    Admin: Sorry to hear you’re disappointed RV, we feel that since the demise of our pitch and putt course, the Disc Golf has brought a new lease of life to the area. Plus, they’ve planted hundreds of native trees which, in time, will make a huge positive impact. PS: Disc’s are available to hire from the Cafe, if you want to give it a go, but please be careful and look out for little people!

  2. Sharoze khan Says::

    I am very disappointed with the new disc golf. And that’s just the start.
    Sinsirley SK

    Admin: SK see above. Happy to hear other comments and suggestions of how we can make our park better

  3. Kieran Says::

    I’m going into my second year of Arboriculture and Urban forestry. Would anyone know who I could speak to regarding the trees that make Longford park what it is please.? I’m aware of the council owning but thought there would be a friend of Longford park to speak to. Many thanks


  4. PeteMc Says::

    As always, good old Longford Park, where I spent so much of my youth, is always a much loved stop on my visits back home from overseas. Perhaps not as beautiful as in former days, but still in good shape - If only the same could be said for me!!

  5. Caroline Says::

    Had a lovely family afternoon in the park today. Not been here before, though it may have been as a child?
    I lived here for several years in the 90s & didn’t know it was here!
    Really glad to see the facilities, particularly all the opportunities for play, the musical seesaw, pets corner, cafe & the wheelchair swing.
    Well done everyone, it’s a happy & welcoming place.

  6. Hugh McQuaid Says::

    On Bank Holiday monday I revisited a little bit of my childhood and the early days of taking my children to Longford Park. I had not visited the park in about 20 years and although some fond memories came back to me there were also some disappointments. My biggest memory was my father taking my brother and myself on the pitch and putt, on beautiful summers day, which when I was young seemed like a huge golf course. How disappointing to see this ground going to waste and not being used for that purpose. Why was this allowed to happen? I would think that revitalising this area would be an asset to the park, what do you think?
    It is also such a shame to see what is left of Longford Hall. As a young DJ in the early days I can remember being hired to spin my discs at a function in the Derby Room and being enlightened by the surroundings.
    On the plus side on this lovely sunny day it was nice to see so many families out enjoying the park and pets corner. The other bonus was the ever increasing popularity of Caffiene &Co where a pot of tea and ginger cake was welcomed on the warm summers day. The park visit was worth the trip down memory lane and will certainly encourage me to revisit again.

  7. Pauline Says::

    I would like to know what hours/days the pets corner is open for visits please?

  8. M. Pritchard Says::

    I just discovered Longford Park on a casual bike ride from Fallowfield… what a pleasant find. Although I’m a bit peeved that it has a pets corner, as our local Platt Fields park lost its pets corner years ago due to cuts… fair much? Chorltonites getting the rub of the green yet again.

  9. Steve C Says::

    The world has many wonders some gone some still here with new ones coming every day rateing among the Pyramids are the 5 new ‘climbing’ stones located by the larger childrens playground. These will go down in history, many will flock to see them who ever designed threm will win awards, to me they look like giant doggie do’s even the colour is good, especially the one that looks like its been trodden on. No doubt this is what the FOLP think of the park and comment on this by these actions. Personally I wouldnt want to promote this.

  10. Robert Taylor Says::

    When i was a youngster i remember spending sunny days picnicking with my mother just on the brow of the dip near the old oak tree in front of the band stand listening to band music and singers. I remember kicking through deep dried leaves during Autumn. I remember walking along pathways through the immaculatly kept gardens and rockery with a little stream flowing through and under wooden bridges. I remember how beautiful the park was. Today, i took my youngster son to the park and to to take a nostalgic trip back, oh my god i was so shocked at what i saw. The front lawns were littered with rubbish and the paths covered with dog dirt. the gardens without flowers and the rockery area was a wreck with the stream smashed up and bridges missing. it was so upsetting to see the park in such a mess, there was even dead birds left laying in the animal enclosure for all to see including the kiddies. I wonder how many other park users remember the days when the park was somewhere lovely to go. so sad.

  11. Lynsey Says::

    Further to our conversation in the park earlier this afternoon, I am
    contacting you regarding plans for the golf course.

    It is great at the moment that we are able to turn up and play and my son loves to do just this
    with his friends, however I do feel it is a wasted opportunity. It would be
    great if we could organise youth sessions or something similar which
    provided the children with tuition and guidance on a sport which they do not
    often get the opportunity to be introduced to unless their parents play and
    travel out of the area to expensive golf courses. This space creates a
    fantastic chance to provide introductions to golf at grassroots level.

    Other plans which we mentioned earlier on today were plans for a bmx race track as
    the nearest is platt fields park and as far as we are aware there is nothing
    like this currently in trafford. Platt fields is heavily funded and
    supported through manchester council and also british cycling and it seems a
    shame that trafford does not appear to place much importance on providing
    sporting opportunities in this area.

    I have also noticed that the website states that there are toilet facilities which as far as we are aware is not
    true, luckily we back onto the park but there are times when I bring my dad
    through, who is disabled, and there is nowhere to take him. It is extremely
    embarrassing for him and has resulted in him not feeling able to take up
    offers of trips to the park.

    We use the park everyday, however we will
    always prefer to still travel back to our old park, platt fields, for a
    proper time ina park as longford is unfortunately lacking in so many
    areas.for instance, You will always see park rangers in manchester parks
    that are there to help and deal with issues etc whereas I have encountered
    numerous issues in longford..such as lads with bb guns firing at the
    toddlers etc etc and there is never anyone anywhere that can deal with

    It would be great to hear from you soon and we wish you the best of luck
    with all your plans, if there is anyway that we can get involved then it
    would be fantastic to help.
    Thanks and kind regards

  12. Tilly Budd Says::

    Are the Friends of Longford Park aware of the latest proposals Trafford are pursuing for the developement of the park in partmership with other interested agencies? These plans at a glance look to be very grand but having read into them more, I feel that Trafford are off loading thier responsibilities again and selling the local people a shiny package full of what might bes. When in fact people and organisations will be losing the use of the parks buildings which will be gifted to developers initially for offices and later a ‘maybe’ visitors center which is nothing to do with the park or its history or Rylands, nor will it bring ordinary families into the park. They also want to restrict car access to the park which will stop many families coming and/or cause parking problems for local residents. I suggest you speak to T.B.C. and get all the facts

  13. Rylands Says::


    Thanks for your continued support and kind words.

    Much appreciated by all the Friends of Longford Park.

  14. wendy Walton Says::

    I walk my dog most days in Longford park I live a

    stones throw away and feel I am so lucky to have such

    a lovely place to walk. I take my camera with me on a

    lot of ocations and have taken some lovely pictures. It

    can be a bit boggy in the winter months and wondered

    if something could be done about these areas. My

    children who have children of their own now, spent a

    good part of their childhood in the park and have

    grown up with fond memories, where they met other

    children and have become life long friends. I would

    like to think that for generations to come could also

    have as much pleasure from the park as we have. I

    think its GREAT!! that we have people in the

    community who are willing to give up their valuable

    time to make and ensure that Longford park is looked

    after and taken care of. Without such caring people as

    the Longford park friends our lovely park would have

    fell into disrepair. I and Im sure many others would

    like to thank you for all your hard work you have put in

    to get us the £50,000 to make our park even better. Its

    selfless people like yourselves that make this world a

    decent place to live and we applaud you for all the

    efforts you have done for us. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!

    from me and Im sure many others, for all your hard

    work….. We do appreciate it.

    Kind regards Wendy Walton. (Keep up the good work)

    If you are desperate I am willing to help out in any way

    I can. :)

  15. P Says::

    Would agree with comments on pitch and putt.

    It was a great facility, and I played it with a friend about 20 years ago. Trouble is demand fell because it was overpriced. Maybe if the balance was right between what they got in taxes, and what they charged golf users, it would have taken off. Now we get nothing there as an amenity other than an image of dilapidation…oh and an extra area for dog walkers

  16. Rylands Says::

    Members of the community and the Friends of Longford Park have been concerned with the state of the pitch and putt area for a long time. A recent article in the messenger highlights this issue:-

  17. Sandwichbill Says::

    I’m very disapointed by the bad condition of the pitch and putt course, which is so bad it’s a health and safety issue. I suspect that the economic downturn and the loss of the lottery bid is being used as an opportunity to bring in a private company to maintain the park instead of council staff. The upkeep of the headges and shrubs has already been given to a private contractor. If a private company gets the contract at Longford Park, it will obtain more money from the tax payer, which the council will claim it now can’t afford, while at the same time providing a reduced service. In the meantime, executives at Trafford Borough are receiving pay rises. Go to a counsillor or publicise the park’s poor condition in the local press.

  18. Rylands Says::

    Longford Park Bandstand in Snow
    (Image courtesy of Alan Moores)
    Sometime in the 1970s the bandstand was removed from the park and ended up at Tramway Museum in Crich, Derbyshire

    Not sure why it was removed but it seemed to be part of the park’s heritage and it is a shame that it has gone.

  19. martin Says::

    does any one remember the bandstand (around 1969) where singers used to sing easy going songs on at the wkend i used to be about7 or 8 at the time i used to run about on the wall facing it all i can say it was almost magical

  20. N Says::

    Yeah ,, it be really cool if they was a skate park and if the older kids park got updated. Because not everyone can afford to go out to meet their mates and their isnt much to do at the park at the moment. And loads of my friends skateboard and rollerskate but have no where to go except the streets where its dangerous.

  21. rylands Says::

    R, Think you have made some good points. I have forwarded your suggestions on to the council. The friends will continue to try to encourage people to see longford park as an important asset that is deserving and in need of significant investment.

  22. R Says::

    When trafford cut their expenses and spend money on the park a few ideas to bring it up to date.
    Update the under 5 ’s play area properly, ie new playing equipment not a new floor like what we got!
    update the older play ground,
    a proper running and cycling track all round the park thats well lit up.for those who dont use the stadium.
    A bigger animals section which is open in the day rather than just sat and sun ( sunny days only).
    skate park,
    outdoor gym or adult play area, where us parents can pretend that we want to get fit!
    colourful lights in the gardens for dusk evening walks, for those who like that, cafe like we use to have in the 70’s and 80’s.
    theirs probably another million ideas out there, but one thing for sure, something needs to be done soon.because the park was miles better in the 70’s and 80’s.which is sad to admit!

  23. rylands Says::

    L, thanks for your suggestions about the pageant.

    There are very few community events in Stretford so the pagent is really important and certainly could be improved.

    The Friends of Longford Park don’t actually organise the pageant but we are very supportive of it and try and promote it as much as possible.

    The main contact for the pageant is Victoria Mcleod on 0161 748 2300. I’m sure she would be very interested in your suggestions.

  24. L ... Says::

    I think the pageant this year needs to be alot better, as each year it just gets smaller and less about the reasons why the pageant takes place.

    The car boot needs to be advertised more to get more people involved.

    The fun fair needs to be alot bigger like it was a few years ago.

    When the rose queen is crowned, there needs to be alot more dancers,singers and maybe a few story tellers. From around stretford to get the community involved.

    The parade needs music and more entertainment to make people want to come out and enjoy the festival.

  25. rose greenwood Says::

    the appaling state of the lighting in thr park is a disgrace, as a dog walker it is tretcherous in the mornings and evenings. the main run of lights from the entrace at Edge Lane / Cromkwell Road to the statium, some 15 lights, now has 4 in working order, this has been the condition for over 12 months. The only bright light in the park comes from pets corner without that there would be pitch darkness. This is so dangerous, are Trafford waitng for a mugging or fatal attack or a serious injury to a person/persons before acting.

  26. R Says::

    The new play area,sorry the new surfaces(same old equipment) really is like trying to pollish a turd. I cant believe that all the playing equipment hasn’t been updated from the 1980’s. Im sure when i went to the meeting at the town hall it was said a NEW play ground for the under 5’s.Well they really did mean ground! and nothing else.Its a brilliant park. but could be alot better,

  27. M Jordan Says::

    Having been very excited to see that the small childrens’ play area was going to be upgraded, I was disappointed to see the results. I am not the only mother who feels like this. Although the ‘piano’ is excellent and the new climbing equipment is good, some very basic elements have been overlooked - an area of turf is missing, old equipment has been left unpainted, some very offensive graffiti has returned and it has the general feel of a half-hearted attempt to appease its users. We live in an area full of creative and practical people, a resource that has not been exploited. The play area could be a really magical space. I hope this issues can be addressed, and if Longford Park is lucky enough to be successful in their bid, that we can see some of that magic.

  28. rylands Says::

    Longford Park has been in a slow decline for decades. Evidence of this is clear from the demolition of the historic glass conservatories and Longford Hall, the closing of the cafe in the ornamental gardens and the general poor state of repair.

    That said, the current councillors and officers that I have spoken to seem genuinely committed to improve Longford Park and evidence of this can be seen by the £60k that is being spent on the Kids Play Areas. I understand your misgivings but would encourage as many people as possible to support the council’s 2008 Heritage Lottery Bid to restore Longford Park.

  29. Nic Says::

    I have lived near the park for 10 years now and find it appalling how it has been allowed to deteriorate. A visit to the park used to be the highlight of the weekend for me - if we had visitors we would always schedule in a visit because it was a nice place to go and made me feel proud to have it at the end of my street.

    Now it is an embarrassment - I don’t take visitors there because it is embarrassing to ask them to queue up for a turn on one of the few remaining swings or the rusty slide whilst listening to them tell me how much better their own local facilities are (usually the visit is cut short by one or more kids falling in one of the many muddy puddles that form in the play area). Occasionally we venture up to the older play area but since I found a used needle/syringe a couple of years ago in the litter strewn wood chip/mud mixture that carpets it, I have not been so keen to let my children play there.

    My daughter, who is five, has never had the benefit of quality local play facilities - and never will if the council’s only plan is to wait until 2010 on a gamble on lottery funding. That’s an entire childhood gone. The council’s unwillingness to invest in the park has meant that most of the toddlers in Chorlton/Stretford have been deprived of what could be childhood memories of a wonderful space. My son who is 8 is showing an interest in tennis - the state of the courts is shameful to the point of being dangerous.

    We went for a picnic a few weeks back with some friends and the grass hadn’t been cut for weeks. I used to visit the park pretty much every weekend – I reckon I’ve been twice this year.

    I am heartened to see that there are plans to spend 80k on play facilities but really think that it is too little too late to make a dent in the massive deterioration that has happened while the council have stood back and kept their fingers crossed that they ‘win the lottery’.

    I cannot help but wonder if the real issue is that many if not most of the users of the park are from the Chorlton side but the funding has to come from the Trafford side I cannot think of any other reason why Trafford council would stand by and let such a wonderful space deteriorate so much.

  30. kay rooney Says::


  31. Ian Says::

    I would Love to see Longford Park get back to its former self I have great memorys of the park when I ran for stretford at the old stadium and then go around the gardens and all so played golf on the pich & putt course now I play crown green bowling good times so it would love to see the park up graded and make it somewhere to take the grankids as our pearants did

  32. rylands Says::

    Agreed. If we can get some more members it would be great to do more community events.

    Yes, Longford Park is a big enough park to have a 5km fun run. Another good idea.

    It would be great as part of a revised heritage lottery bid if they would consider putting a tree lined path along the whole perimeter of the park. It would make the park look even better and would be a great addition for all the walkers, joggers and cyclists that use the park.

  33. JVJB Says::

    Longford Park is a wonderful asset and has always been central to my kids play over the years. I’ve really enjoyed the festivals over the years and wish there were more such events because it really brings people together. LP also has a top-class athletics facility having run their myself, I was proud when my son’s school cross country event also used the track.

    Why not look at a monthly 5km fun run like the one at Alexandra Park around this brilliant park? I know it’s not much income but every bit helps plus it raises the profile of this wonderful park further.

    All the best…

  34. Rylands Says::

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    I agree that Longford Park should be seen as an asset.
    It is close to the mersey valley and offers valuable green space as well as having excellent bus, tram and road links.
    Pets Corner is very popular already and offers something unique to the local community. It would be cool if it could be enhanced to be a small urban farm.

    The Friends of Longford Park will try and include your suggestions in the 10th June Neighbourhood Forum. If you could attend this meeting that would be great!

  35. Catherine Farrelly Says::

    My parents have lived opposite the park for a number of years and I worked in the school for a number of years. I think the park is an asset to Trafford and should be preserved and maintained. considering Trafford borders onto the Cheshire couuntryside it is sad that many children from the north of the borough have never seen farms or farm animals. Longford Park has a small pets corner, which if extended to include farm animals or a greater variety of animals, would be an absolute bonus for Trafford families who would have the ability to visit on a more regular basis, allowing the children to get closer to animals within their own borough. Longford Park is so easily accessible from all parts of the borough, it makes sense to build on what is already a pleasant facility.

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