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Autumn sunrise in Longford Park

Local resident Julie Henson captured a dramatic autumnal sunrise over Longford Park in November 2013

2013 Stretford Pageant/Carnival Cancelled

We have been told that the Stretford Pageant/Carnival event that normally takes place the last weekend in June has been cancelled this year. We do not have more details but hope that Stretford Pageant/Carnival returns next year

Firswood Community Centre Contact Details

The Firswood Community Centre, near the Quadrant entrance, hosts many activities including:-

  • Children’s Drama Group-Mon 5PM to 7.30PM
  • Hula Hoop Lessons for Adults-Mon7.45PM onwards
  • Rainbows/Brownie/Guides/Rangers –Clubs for girls-Tues PM
  • Mother and Toddler Group-Wed 9AM to 12 noon
  • Tai Chi-Wed 7PM
  • Sugar craft Thurs-AM
  • Indoor Bootcamp Class Thurs evenings 7pm - 7.45pm
  • Home Education Support Group-Fri 9AM to 3.30PM
  • Firswood Leisure Art Group- painting group for adults-Fri 1-4PM
  • Longford Community Choir sessions Friday evenings from 12th Sept. 6 - 8pm. Call Janice on 0161 864 1996
  • Dance Classes for children age 3+ to young adult. Ballet/disco and cheerleading-Sat
  • Stretford Amateur Football Club meets on adjacent fields. Sat/Sun mornings

For further details concerning all activities contact the Community Centre Manager Mary Wood on 0161 879 4460. The Centre is also available for hire for Children’s parties and Community/Voluntary/Craft Group Meetings/Events

Longford Park Education Pack

Welcome to the Longford Park Education Pack!

Here you can find a wide range of lesson plans and activities that your children can enjoy in Longford Park!

Lesson plans are suitable for use with the National Curriculum Key Stages 1 -3.

Preparing for Your Visit
The following information sheets will help you to prepare for your visit to Longford Park.
Sample Risk Assessment
Accessibility Information
Local Facilities
Getting to Longford Park

Lesson Plans
The following lesson plans and related resources have been produced for use in Longford Park and tie into various sections of the National Curriculum.

Activity 1 - Changing Seasons
Children observe the park at different times of the year observing and recording the changes that occur in different seasons.

Activity 2 - Forces in the Play Area
Activities 2 to 8 form a series of activities based in the play area of Longford Park which allow the children to explore a range of physical concepts. These are shorter activities that can be linked together to form a complete lesson or series of lessons.
Activity 3 - Interacting Forces
Activity 4 - Potential and Kinetic Energy
Activity 5 - Friction and Mass
Activity 6 - Air Resistance
Activity 7 - Angular Momentum
Activity 8 - Levers

Activity 9 - Forest Masks
An environmental art activity that allows children to explore their natural environment and use their imagination to create a character.

Activity 10 - Mapping the Park
Children use the two OS maps and their observations to consider how the park has changed and how it may change into the future.
Activity 10 Resource - 1933 OS Map
Activity 10 Resource - 1894 OS Map

Activity 11 - Picture Trail
Children identify areas of the park using the photograph worksheet.
Activity 11 - Map
Activity 11 - Photo Worksheet

Activity 12 - Textures
This activity explores the concept of texture through group discussion.

Activity 13 - Timeline
A quiz activity in which children create a timeline of events that occured at Longford Park.
Activity 13 Resource - Time Cards

There is an orienteering course around Longford Park that consists of marked points that participants must locate with the aid of a map. The course includes both the southern and northern sections of the park but could be limited to, for example, the southern section for a shorter course. Maps can be bought from Stretford Library or the Greater Manchester Orienteering Association at www.gmoa.org.uk and currently cost £1 each.

This education pack was funded by the National Lottery and has been completed in partnership with The Friends of Longford Park, Groundwork, Trafford Council, MEEN and local schools.

2011 Stretford Pageant and Rose Queen Festival 25th June

The 2011 Stretford Pageant takes place this year on the 25th June. (more about Stretford Pageant history). As well as the parade, there will be be a carnival, dog show, a fun fair and a giant car boot sale starting at 8am in Longford Park.

The Pageant parade starts from Stretford High School at 1pm and arrives at Longford Park around 2pm where there will be lots of activities and the crowning of the Pageant’s Rose Queen, Princesses and the Rosebuds. From Stretford High School the parade follows great stone road, the quadrant, kings road, edge lane and then onto Longford Park.

The gates to Longford Park open at 7am and car boot sale commences at 8am (there is no need to pre-book a place, cost £10 for non charities) . In addition, there are many other stalls, attractions as well as the excellent Morley’s funfair that runs from Thursday the 23rd June until Monday the 27th June.

Stretford Pageant 2011 Procession Route and Activities
Longford Park Climbing Wall

For more information please contact Victoria McLeod, the Chairperson of the Stretford Pageant on 0161 748 2300 or 0789 710 3008
Find out more about this year’s Stretford Carnival and Fair

2011 Stretford Carnival and Fun Fair at Longford Park

The 2011 Longford Park Fair commences on Thursday 23rd June and continues until Monday the 27th of June.

Morleys Fun Fair is situated on the Firswood end of Longford Park near the Rye bank road field and will be part of the festivities lined up for the 2011 Stretford Pageant this weekend.

Stretford Carnival and Fair has the following opening times:
Thursday 6pm-9.30pm
Friday 6pm-9.30pm
Saturday 1pm-9.30pm
Sunday 1pm-9.30pm
Monday 6pm-9.30pm

Find out more about Stretford Pageant

Longford Park Education Pack

Longford Park Education Pack is coming soon!

Photo Trail

Groundwork have been working with Friends of Longford Park, Trafford Council, MEEN and local schools to develop an education pack including lesson plans and worksheets on a variety of topics for use with the National Curriculum.

The final adjustments are being made and the pack will be available on this website; watch this space!

Progress on the People’s Millions Garden

See our image gallery below showing the progress that has been made:-

Gardener looks at park past

As reported on February 24th 2011 by Peter Devine

FLASHBACK…The park’s rockery in the early 1970s
A FORMER Longford Park gardener has sent in pictures of how it used to look as it undergoes a revamp.

Chris Barnett’s photograph shows the park when it was still in its prime. He worked on the park from 1961 until 1979.
The project to transform part of the park is well under way following the award of £50,000 funding from the Big Lottery Fund’s People’s Millions competition.

It is, hoped the cash will breathe new life into the park’s rose garden, restore running water to the ornamental fountains and to the Japanese garden and to build a band stand.
The works are expected to be completed by April. John Fitzgerald, a member of the Friends of Longford Park said: “The initial work on the gardens started back in November, and despite the bad weather in December, the project is progressing.

The designs were put together by the council with the help of the pupils of Stretford Grammar School.When it is completed in April, there is going to be quite a lot of planting to be done which will take.a season or two to become established, and before the beds will come to fruition.”

The project has also provided the opportunity for pupils to become involved in all aspects of transforming the gardens and help develop an education pack. It is seen as an important stepping stone to future improvements in Longford Park as laid out in the council’s park’s masterplan.

Longford Park in the 1960s and 1970s

longford park rockery 1977

Mr C.E Barnett has kindly provided several excellent pictures of Longford park in its prime. He worked in Longford Park from 1961 as a 15 year old until 1979 , in which time he became Longford Park’s Foreman Gardener. He married and lived at no 1 Longford cottages for a time and now lives in Llysfaen, near Colwyn Bay, North Wales.
Please email info@folp.org.uk if you would like to get in touch with Mr C.E Barnett.

Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan

A wildflower maze, an art-deco sunburst feature, a small performance area as well as plans for the shelters and Japanese water gardens are all featured in the Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan. For detailed notes to accompany this consultation plan please click here.

Please click on the image below to see the enlarged view of this plan.

View enlarged plan [JPG Format] or [PDF Format]

Students from Stretford Grammar School, with help from experts at Trafford Council, have worked on these designs to transform this part of Longford Park. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions regarding these plans for Longford Park’s new Peoples Millions gardens then please leave a reply below.

7 Responses to “Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan”

  1. A Burgess Says::

    It is good to see some new ideas and retoration work going into the gardens. I would love to see some inspirational herbaceous borders packed full with perennial plants rather than the ubiquitous annual planting that you get in so many of our parks which are so uninspiring. I do love the wild flower beds though. Maybe a few more benches/picnic benches could be provided?

  2. Wendy walton Says::

    I do like the idea of a naturalistic garden design but could we not still keep some of the grardens formal as they look so beautiful and would be a shame to lose them completely. The spring bulbs in the art deco sunburt will look stunning in the spring!!! but it would be sad to leave this area without colour through the summer months. How about instead of keeping the hedge with the planting behind it, a long tunnel pagola walk through, of wisteria or some other dramatic climber. How beautiful would that be.
    These are just a few suggestions of my own which I would like to see but Im sure it will look fantastic when it is finished, even more so in years to come when it becomes more established. I for one am really looking forward to our new gardens and would like to thank everyone who has made it possible. Thank you!!!

  3. ann bailes Says::

    It looks good, just a couple of thoughts:
    - I wonder if the hedge thats being lowered shouldn’t just be removed; I’m unsure what the value of retaining it would be.
    - If performances are envisaged for the ’stage area’ then is the space allocated suitable/big enough.
    - I love the spring bulbs planting but then so will the squirrels!

  4. Ernst Says::

    The proposals look fantastic.

    I love the idea of re-introducing the water feature and link through to the art deco garden.

    Well done, cant wait to see it started.

  5. Misha Murtagh Says::

    I have had a look at the plans, and I do agree with some of the proposals but the flower bed (your maze) I think would be a bad idea as the way the flower beds are laid out at the moment look amazing most of the year as you can really appreciate the time and effort put in by the keepers. I think children and yobs will destroy the maze.

    I like the idea of the water feature being restored is good but things will have to be put in to place as young children play around this area, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them, if the pond filled up and a child slips. plus if fencing was to be put up it takes away the beauty of it.

    I think to the stage is really good.
    As for the where the rose garden is know, i think digging it up and putting other things there is ok, however the flower beds behind the stage/hedge could do with being sorted out, but the drainage here is terrible when it rains.

    Many thanks

  6. Liz Cole Says::

    The plan looks great. I especially like the art deco design.

    Pictorial Meadows, based in Sheffield produce some interesting annual wildflower meadow mixes. They might be suitable for the wildflower maze. They are used extensively in urban green spaces in Sheffield and have proved popular with residents

  7. Rylands Says::

    If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions regarding these plans for Longford Park’s new Peoples Millions gardens then please leave a reply below

Leave a Reply

Notes to accompany the Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan

These notes provide more details on Longford Park Peoples Millions Consultation Plan.

1. Area in front of shelters. The landscape architects identified that this area slopes towards the hedge and so have proposed that the stage area be located in this semicircle. This stage will be level but identified by a different surface treatment such as bound gravel. Making this level does mean that the two paths leading to it have to be reprofiled slightly.

The grassed area is planted up with “rays” of bulbs and so should be spectacular in March.
Roses are to be planted around the periphery of the whole to tie the area together and this will be carried out along with shrub removal and management to the beds surrounding the area.

You will note that the tarmac areas directly in front of the shelters and the toilets are reduced to a single path and the remaining areas grassed.

The shelters now face onto the Stage and a separate pot has been negotiated to allow there repair with the stepped parapet replaced where missing. We are looking to grow climbing roses up over the pillars of the shelters.

The Beech hedge will be reduced shaped and a gap installed to make the gardens one, open lines of sight.

2. Walled Garden. The paths in this garden will be bound gravel possibly with a stone edge treatment if finances allow. See planting guide for plants and structure. The walls will be repaired and capped and were the paths meet the external tarmac paths stone sets will be installed.
Although the central plinth will be in place a water feature at this point is likely to be outside the budget and perhaps that or a suitable statue could be funded from future bid.

3. the mushroomed clipped willow and poplar garden. A much more formal design has been drawn up for the wildflowers here that has a art deco feel. These circular strips will be planted up with cornfield annuals which will be rotavated and re seeded annually to maintain a regular annual display. The circles are pierced by the lawns to allow visitors to walk through The beds surround some of the trees which are the centre circles.

4. the Water Garden or Japanese garden. This area is giving us some difficulty due to the budget. Resealing the feature could be costly and so we are trying to find a compromise. What we currently propose is to get upper ponds sealed perhaps in fibreglass and install a pump and circulation system such that the waterfall works. From that point onwards we are proposing to fill the channel with gravel and plant into it to give the impression of flow (like a Zen garden). Finally the bottom pond we are proposing to fill and plant with moss to create a slightly domed bog garden. Generally some of the large shrubs will be removed or reduced and trees lifted to open up this garden with some other plants installed below.
We intend to replace the bridge and some of these paths will be treated with bound gravel.

Longford Park Lottery project up and running

The following news release was issued by Trafford Council on the 28th June 2010 :-

Work has begun on an exciting project to bring Longford Park back to life.

Students from Stretford Grammar School, with help from experts at Trafford Council, have started work on designs to transform the park’s rose garden.

This is part of a scheme which won the public vote and £50,000 in the Big Lottery Fund’s People’s Millions competition last year, promising to:

• Transform the deteriorating rose garden into a beautiful garden.
• Use the latest sustainable technology to restore running water to the ornamental rock gardens.
• Provide the opportunity for young people from local schools to be involved in all aspects of transforming the gardens.
• Develop an education pack for local schools.

To kick start the project, all Year 7 arts classes at the school visited the garden site and are now putting pens and brush to paper and using their imaginations to put down their vision of an exciting, attractive garden to visit.

A team of young designers from the school, working with Trafford Council’s landscape architects, will distil these ideas into a final design which should be ready by the end of July.

Executive Councillor John Reilly said: “We’re working closely with the Friends of Longford Park and Stretford Grammar School to bring this project to life over the next few months.

Longford Park is steeped in history. We want to maintain it as an historic site while making sure it is more sustainable to ensure it survives in to the future and continues to be well-loved and well-used.

This project is an important stepping stone to future improvements in Longford Park, as laid out in the Park’s Masterplan, and I’m really excited about seeing it come to fruition.

This is an excellent example of how the community coming together can really help make Trafford a greener Borough.”

The Shippon Complex in 3D

Local company Z+F UK recently used high definition 3D laser scanning to provide detailed information on Longford Park’s Shippon Complex. This information could be used to assist the possible future restoration of the building.

If you go to their web site at www.zf-uk.com and then visit the NetView User Experience and enter the Cultural Heritage section it will load the Shippon data.

Demo of the Shippon Building in 3D

After downloading their LFM Netview software you can highlight the ISO view on the left hand column and you can then zoom into a line drawing of the project.

The blue circles donate a scan position , pick the scan you want , right click into the scan and it will open up in the tab.

The scan is looking at the raw scan data held on their servers. You can then measure, explore, annotate, and box off areas etc in the scans.

For more details on this technology you can email Z+F UK at info@zf-uk.com.

Red Rose Forest Community Network

Red Rose Forest is the Community Forest for central and western Greater Manchester, working to help transform a large part of Greater Manchester into a greener, healthier and more satisfying place to live, work and invest.

To find out more about local projects, training, resources and fascinating facts then please visit the Red Rose Forest website.

To explore the vast collection of nature reserves, woodlands, parks and waterways that make up Red Rose Forest and discover the countryside on your doorstep you can access the Red Rose Forest Places to Visit Guide.

Imran and Longford Park

Local photographer Imran Rashid has kindly permitted the Friends of Longford Park to show a collection of his superb pictures of Longford Park.

View the gallery of Imran and Longford Park

See more of Imran’s work

Longford Park Winter Wonderland 5th Jan 2010

Local resident Roger Greenhalgh has kindly provided an excellent photograph of Longford Park in the Snow.

If you have any pictures or film of Longford Park you would like to share with us then please contact us

Longford Park wins £50,000 lottery grant

As reported in the Stretford and Urmston Messenger December 3rd 2009

THANKS to the support of Stretford residents, run-down Longford Park has won £50,000 to start bringing the historic site back up to scratch.

It was announced last Thursday that the park had won a public vote in the Big Lottery Fund’s People’s Millions competition to secure the cash.

The project will, say organisers – which includes the council and the Friends of Longford Park – breathe new life into the deteriorating rose garden; use the latest sustainable technology to restore running water to the ornamental rock gardens; provide the opportunity for young people from local schools to be involved in all aspects of transforming the gardens and help develop an education pack.

The project is an important stepping stone to future improvements in Longford Park as laid out in the council’s Park’s Masterplan.

Friends of Longford Park member, Margaret Westbrook, told SUM: “This is the first real extra money that we have managed to attract, having failed with the big Heritage Lottery bid last year.

“It effectively marks the start – but only the start – of many future possibilities.

“This is so very important as it will mark the beginning of constructive involvement of young people in our community.

“It also marks the beginning of an imaginative partnership between the school, the Friends, and Trafford Council.”

The money is designed to enable students to restore the Japanese water gardens using green technology and to redesign and replant the rose garden area which is somewhat worse for wear at present.

The council’s executive councillor for parks, Jonathan Coupe, also welcomed the cash injection: “I am delighted the bid was successful and would like to thank everyone who voted.

“The Friends group, local schools and council staff put a lot of hard work into this campaign and I’m now looking forward to seeing the project come to life.

“The council will continue to work with partners to secure more funding for projects like this one,” he said.

People power wins thousands for park

As reported on December 1st 2009 by Kirsty Elleray (View the Article)

CAMPAIGNERS celebrated Longford Park winning the People’s Millions.

The park which borders Chorlton and Trafford has scooped £50,000 after ITV viewers voted it to be a worthy recipient.

The money which comes from the Big Lottery Fund will help transform areas of the park.

It will enable the deteriorating rose garden to be turned into a beautiful garden; allow the use of the latest sustainable technology to restore running water to the ornamental rock gardens; and enable pupils from south Manchester schools to get involved with transforming and maintaining the gardens.

Margaret Westbrook, from the Friends of Longford Park, said: “We are delighted to get the money – this is a dream come true and we’d like to thank all the people in Chorlton and Stretford who helped and who voted for us.”

Trafford Council, which had led the bid along with the Friends of Longford Park, Stretford Grammar School and other campaigners, says the money will form an important stepping stone to future improvements.

Executive councillor Jonathan Coupe said: “I am delighted that our bid was successful and would like to thank everyone who voted.

“The Friends group, local schools and council staff put a lot of hard work into this campaign and I’m now looking forward to seeing the project come to life.”

The campaigners’ plea for the money was filmed and shown on ITV on Wednesday, November 25. Their bid was one of five out of eight competing projects to be awarded money.

A spokesperson for the People’s Millions confirmed that Longford Park will receive the money once the administration processes have been completed.

Longford Park campaigners have been trying to raise £2 million to upgrade the park and have twice failed to secure £2 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A spokesperson for Trafford Council said they – along with other campaigners – would continue to look for new funding incomes.