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Crowdfunder - Tree Carvings

Our beautiful park has several large tree stumps that we’d love to turn into beautiful tree sculptures.

We already have over £500 from the Tree Amigos, who sold Christmas trees in the park and then donated some of their profits to us, as we had agreed.

The Friends of Longford Park also has some money in our coffers, so we’re matching their donation, which gives us over £1,000 already.

We’re hoping to raise at least £1,000 from the local community, as we need at least this amount if we want interesting and exciting designs.

The more money we raise, then the more beautiful our tree carvings can be - we pay for the time of the tree carving artist

This one is in an Altrincham Park

Our Crowdfunder is now live…here is the link:


Please pass to your friends and family.

Many thanks

Nigel - Chair